The Poison Of Humanity

by Blind Oracle

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Debut EP From Blind Oracle. Progressive Deathcore band from Newcastle, Australia.


released October 25, 2014

Engineered/Recorded/Mixed/Mastered - Zac Norris

EP artwork - Dane Evans



all rights reserved


Blind Oracle Newcastle, Australia

5 piece progressive deathcore band from Newcastle, Australia.

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Track Name: Carriers
Life in synthetic form
Resistant to plagues
Decrease in knowledge of the world we see
We have lived to breed a new age of disease

Decay of chemical structure gives birth to a strain of mankind

A disgrace to the once proud memory of our race
We will accept our fate and spread our wings of sorrow
With hollow eyes
Track Name: The Epsilon Program
We are nothing more than the ashes of our former glory, returned to the earth
A combination of flesh and bone reanimates existence
Into motion
Elevated consciousness will return to man
We will bask in the image of our demise

Expose new light to this mind
It will renew
Comfort in isolation
Never pursued

I find peace in silence from ignorance of the masses
Our race shows no progression as we near complete extinction
Our days are numbered
Yet we bare no signs of correction
The system failed
Society will soon decay

How have we grown so complacent to seek the knowledge of a higher understanding?

We are the perversion
A cancer thriving on blood

We will expire
Like the suffocated flame we will burn out in this world
All life will evaporate
We have grown to despise our lives
Tainted by the lies

We are the ones
To bring change

We are the ones who were destined from birth to bring change
To find our absence as light fades
We are the ones who were destined from birth to bring change
To find our absence as light fades forever

Stare into the infinite, our own mortality becomes confirmed

Synthetic solutions will only hinder survival
The future of our fucking existence rests in the hands of the people

We salt the earth for future generations
We have infected the world
Track Name: A Cognitive Apparition
Imprisoned within this world
Left to our own devices
We seek to make contact
Monitored, controlled
The truth before our eyes
Dismissed and mythisised
Communication attempts are now null and void
Severed from my mind

I've heard the click of their tongues
I know that something is there
Deep down inside I feel it
We're not alone anywhere

Eager for exploration
Documenting every finding
A level of understanding so deep it can't be justified
The feeling of utter terror refuses to subside
The image of this figure is burning through my fucking eyes

My soul is corrupted by this internal stain
Oozing through the very pores of my skin

I feel this cognitive apparition beckoning me

Paladins of my demise
Stalking me at every turn
As far as you may perceive
Lay limits of your mind
The constellations discovered through subconscious creation

As far as you may perceive
We cause destruction

As the organic matter of our minds decrease
We enter a state of eternal equilibrium

We are products of ignorance
We cannot be stopped

I see my fate, laid out in front of me
Hoping I can find the strength to carry on, what must be done
And I refuse to collapse under this weight of the world
Track Name: Another Eden (ft. Zac Norris of RIVALRIES)
Searching for the one
Searching through the infinite

We are the ones destined from birth to bring change, to find our answers
We are the ones destined from birth, we are the ones
Track Name: The Chariot of Ascension
Walk through my creation
Eyes wide open, follow the ashes
Each mountain carved with my thought
A pure place where my mind may prosper

I will not create in a world that won't forget

Under pressure
Through will of my own I strengthen myself
To deal with this onslaught
I will not forget

Sanctity disrupted
Recognise you through your fears

At mercy of my own boundaries
Limits I've placed upon myself
I'm closing in
On the path of enlightenment

My system is restored
Giving my eyes new resolution
Bringing my life complete definition
I will be one
I will be whole

I have been deprived of this extrasensory perception
I will leave behind memories of a severed past life
Once again

Cursed mind
Dead heart

Neural pathways expand as my mind becomes nullified
As we seek redemption the sands of time escape our grip

I've been blessed with the will to defile
I'm alone, alienated from the masses
The sands of time escape our grip

Crushing the world with my own two hands
Spilling the blood that resides within my fellow man
Track Name: A Perversion (ft. Colin Jeffs of Aversions Crown)
I am the seed that sprouted from the tree
Yet the anger never seemed to part with me
I'll drag you from your homes
I'll claim everything you own
Your salvation lies among the ashes

Through my own eyes all that I see are victims
They suffer in silence, never to speak again
Their lives await to be moulded by my hand

Worthless leeches
By-products of the human condition
They will spread like a plague
We will never progress while we all stand still
I am the seed the sprouted from the tree
My germination will lead us to our last breath

Decomposing flesh fills the air with its stench

Extinction of mass proportions leads to the end of days

Endless darkness will reign forever

Sever the tongue, gouge out the eyes
Their final breath immortalised